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KDB In addition to metric products or non-standard bearings
KDB-202 Boundary Lubricating Bushings

Structure Characteristics and Applications

KDB20 is designed for marginal lubricating bushing. It is backed with copper-plated steel with porous bronze sintered on it and polymers (POM) imbedded into the bores of the bronze. The steel back provides the products with high quality low carbon steel. Oil dents stamped on the surface of the polymer can achieve good lubrication between the bushing and its mating axis. It is of good anti-abrasion and load capalility. The plating coating on the surface is erosion protective. And it is environmental protective as no lead included in the surface polymer POM. Products of KDB201 series are widely used on automotive chassis, forging machines, mine quarrying machines, metal melting and casting machines and in water irrigating and steel rolling industries.

KDB-202 (without lead)


Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + POM

Typicai applicaton

It's used in vehicle chassis, forming machine tools, steel metallurgical machinery, mineral mountain machinery, hydraulic industry and rolling steel industry, etc.

Max load capacity PStatic load110N/mm²
Max load capacity PDynamic load45N/mm²
Max line speed VGreaes lubrication2.5m/s
PV value limitGreaes lubrication2.8N/mm²· m/s
Friction coef μGreaes lubrication0.05~0.1
Mating AxisHardness>270 HB
Mating AxisRoughnessRa=0.4~1.25
Working temperature-60~+120℃
Thermal conductivity52W/(m·k)
Coefficient of linear xpansion11×10-6K-1
Outside surface Platingcopper/tin
We can also develop according to customers special request while out of this table.

KDB20 Series products


Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + (PTFE + Pb + Filler)

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((without lead)

Copper plate + copper powder + (PTFE + Pb + filler)

Performance data

Product Size
(without lead)

Stainless steel + copper powder + (PTFE + Pb + filler)

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(without lead)

Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + (PTFE + Pb + Filler)

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(without lead)

Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + (PTFE + Pb + Filler)

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Product Size
Product application

Widely used in hydraulic industry, forging machine tool industry, plastics machinery industry port machinery, office, fitness machinery, textile machinery, food package, filling machinery, chemical machinery, automobile, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery and so on.

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