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enKDB504 Solid Lubricating Bearing

Structure Characteristics and Applications

KDB500 Solid Lubricating Bearing is produced by strengthening brass that has good physical performance and good capability for casting. What's more, the brass material has pretty good anti-erosion abitity in air, fresh water and sea water. The surface is regularly and finely machined with sockets in which particular solid lubricant is filled. The product is widely used on consecutive casting and rolling machines, mine-exploiting equipments, ships, steam engine, etc.

KDB504 (B)



Typicai applicaton

The product is widely used on consecutive casting and rolling machines, mine-exploiting equipments, ships, steam engine, etc.

Material CuSn5Pb5Zn5
Density 8.7g/cm³
Hardness >70HB
Tensile strength >240N/mm²
Yeild strength >100N/mm²
Elongation >10%
Coefficient of linear expansion 1.8·10-5/℃
Heat-conducting Coefficient 46~63W(/m.k)
Flexibility Coefficient 85~115KN/mm²
emp. Limits -40~+250℃
Max. Dynamic Load 60N/mm²
Max.speed VDry Lubrication0.25m/s
Max.speed VOil Lubrication0.85m/s
Max.PVDry Lubrication1.0N/mm²*m/s
Max.PVOil Lubrication2.45N/mm²*m/s
Friction μDry Lubrication0.12~0.16
Friction μOil Lubrication0.03~0.08
Besides the standard products displayed in the list of this catalogue, we can also supply non-standard products or develop according to customer design.

KDB50 Series products

Product application

Widely used in hydraulic industry, forging machine tool industry, plastics machinery industry port machinery, office, fitness machinery, textile machinery, food package, filling machinery, chemical machinery, automobile, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery and so on.

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