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KDB Bearing Co., Ltd. It is one of the entity enterprises specialized in the production of self-lubricating bearings, plain bearings, composite bearings, oil-free bearings, dry bearings, and maintenance-free bearings. Its product quality and performance have reached the level of foreign peer companies.
KDBIs a professional bearing manufacturer, Our goal is to continuously contribute to society through technological innovation.
KDB10Self-Lubricating Multilayer Composite Bushing

KDB100 is backed with copper-plated steel with porous bronze sintered on the steel and polymes (PTFE+Pb) imbedded into the bores of the bronze. By combining the metals and the polymers together, its products are endowed with the lower friction coefficient and good capacity of anti-abrasion and self-lubrication. Moreover, the steel back is plated with a erosion-prevention layer...

KDB20Boundary Lubricating Bushing

KDB201 Boundary-lubricated bearings use high-quality low-carbon steel as the matrix, sintered spherical porous bronze powder in the middle, and the surface-modified polyoxymethylene (POM) is firmly fitted. The surface of the oil reservoir is rolled so that good lubrication between the friction pairs is achieved. It has good wear resistance and load-bearing capacity, and the steel back...

KDB30 Bimetal Bushing

KDB301 bimetal bushing is backed with high quality low carbon steel with tin-lead-bronze alloy(CuSn10Pb10)sintered on its surface. To effectively decrease abrasion, its alloy surface can be machined with ball shaped oil sockets for easier oil storage. When necessary, it could be plated copper or tin on the steel back. It can be applied to conditions of mediate load with mediate or high...

KDB50Solid Lubricating Bearing

KDB500 Solid Lubricating Bearing is produced by strengthening brass that has good physical performance and good capability for casting. What's more, the brass material has pretty good anti-erosion abitity in air, fresh water and sea water. The surface is regularly and finely machined with sockets in which particular solid lubricant is filled. The product is widely used on consecutive casting...


KDB600 wrapped with high quality low-carbon steel or stainless steel with special technique . The surface can be carburizing to improve the hardness. It is widely used to automobile application and heavy-duty machinery etc.

KDB90Wrapped Bronze Bearing

KDB900 wrapped bronze bushing is made of tin-bronze CuSn8P with its surface punched with diamond oil sockets which are preserved for oil saving. It has good anti-fatigue, anti-erosion anti-abrasion and load capacity. The products are widely applied in conditions of heavy load but low running velocity, such as on agricultural, buiding and engineering machines.

Product application

Widely used in hydraulic industry, forging machine tool industry, plastics machinery industry port machinery, office, fitness machinery, textile machinery, food package, filling machinery, chemical machinery, automobile, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery and so on.

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Committed to the implementation of IATF 16949:2016 quality standards

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KDB Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of KDB series plain bearings and has developed and manufactured six series of products.

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